Glenn and Doris Dobbins were married in 1950 and settled in Taylor Township where they then lived more than 50 years in the home Glenn built.

Michigan's automobile industry, which in the 1900s brought so many workers to and prosperity to our area, also created a new opportunity.  Injuries and damage which the millions of new cars caused created the need for Auto Insurance to pay for these accidents. Glenn Dobbins Agency was formed when the Founders' dream of owning their own business was finally realized in 1955 when Glenn quit State Farm to start his own Independent Agency to help area residents with their car and home insurance. 

Why This Matters

Today, we remain committed with the same deep-rooted passion as our Founders to expanding our sustainable and growing business while helping our customers to meet their goals with lower risk potentials.   We believe in the importance of building long-term relationships, integrity and the highest level of service, with the primary objective of putting our clients’ interests first.  Our strong traditions and vision for the future inform our commitment to achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Glenn Dobbins Agency Inc is one of the oldest and established businesses in Taylor, being under continuous family ownership and management since 1955.  
Many Insurance Agents in the area have long since come and gone, since few have been able to perservere through the difficult times in our region and particularly our business.

The benefit of longevity and experience in the insurance business is the ability and discipline to deal with challenges which present difficult underwriting considerations. 

We're proud to provide our customers with feasible alternatives to the risks they face.  This is the value we create for our customers and the many fine Companies we represent.


Then in 1976 the Myles Clinch Agency was acquired, and together with many new customers we created the largest Insurance Agency in Taylor for years to come.   The eldest son, Daniel Pierce Dobbins, joined the Agency in 1975, and the business was incorporated in 1994.  The Agency's Founders are no longer with us, but their sound business knowledge, training, and compassion for our customers lives on.  It's the way we do business.

The Founders' Dream

The stable and loving upbringing our Founders enjoyed as children set the stage for the creation of a new business venture, which would change their lives and their childrens' lives forever.

How We Got Here

As 15 year old Pierce sailed on Sandusky Bay one bright summer day in 1912, he couldn't have known how his choices would evolve into a family business many years later.  His future wife, Agnes, lived with her aunt in Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, Alvus Buren Dobbins was working as a coal miner in Trinidad, CO, when he married Catherine.  Alvus had traveled there from his boyhood home of Little Rock, AR, while Catherine lived in Henrietta, KA. 

Pierce and Agnes moved to Dearborn with their daughter Doris in 1926 when Pierce was hired as a mechanical engineer for the Ford Motor Co.  Alvus and Catherine Dobbins and their 7 year old son Glenn moved to Wayne in 1932 so Alvus could work at the Ford Rouge plant.

Like most of our customers, the path to Taylor Michigan was the result of chance and the determination of our ancestors to try to make a better life for their families.